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A Suspensory, or McGuire style, Urinal fits around the head of a man's penis and encases it in a rubber sheath to capture urine. The condom shaped sheath can be used by itself for dribbles or connected to a leg bag if needed. This method helps prevent skin irritation by keeping moisture away from your skin.

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Reduces accidental dislocation of catheters and eliminate need for hard to remove tape. Leg bag with Latex Strap Large 32oz. Made from heavy duty plastic film for long term wear Odor

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Catheters come in several different styles and sizes and each one is designed to treat a specific medical condition. The three types of urinary catheters are intermittent catheters, indwelling urinary catheters, and condom catheters. Intermittent and foley catheters are used to drain the bladder of people with urinary retention, which is the inability to empty the bladder entirely.

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McGuire Style Male Urinal Features: Features a unique one size fits most design Unique one-way valve prevents fluid return Elastic waistband provides comfortable, secure fit Includes deluxe waistband, sheath and 20 oz. Customer Reviews 2. Click Here to rate this product 1. Use to use mentor but since discontinued these work as well for less money.

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The Pop-On External Catheter by Rochester Medical is an all-silicone self-adhesive male external catheter and is specially designed for the special needs of men. The unique 1. It may also be preferred when a longer sheath is not desired or when users may benefit from a different adhesive location on their skin.

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The McGuire Style Urinal is a great choice for men who suffer from male incontinence due to prostate surgery, stroke recovery, wheelchair use or other incontinence causing condition. It's even ideal for men who just need to extend the time between restroom stops, such as long distance truckers, vacation drivers, airplane pilots. The adjustable athletic supporter style urinal can be used as a self-contained unit for small amounts of urine output ccor in conjunction with the leg bag included to expand urine collection up to cc.

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Sheaths are a potential alternative for men with urinary incontinence who do not wish to use pads. They fit over the penis similarly to condoms, are typically made of silicone, and come in a variety of sizes. Some sheaths are self-adhesive, while others require adhesive tape to be put on the penis prior to applying the sheath.

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Product contains latex. Replaces bedpans for those with limited mobility. Easy-to-hold handles ensure a leak-proof seal when Feminal is pressed against the body and an upright position when drawn away after use. Top quality, dishwasher-safe.

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The Blue Ant S4 True Handsfree is a device to augment users' cell phone that is designed to be hands free for users with Multiple Sclerosis or other upper body disabilities. The S4 is activated with the hands-free trigger phrase "BlueAnt Speak to Me," making it ready for the user's voice commands. This program offers the ability to dial a wireless headset by speaking the name of the individual to be contacted or by speaking the digits to be dialed.

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The large wired proximity sensor switch activates with a simple wave of the hand or body movement over the switch top. It features an internal magnet for mounting or use two threaded inserts to mount, and auditory and visual feedback that can be turmed on or off. The Choice Switch and Latch Timer SLAT is a combination switch latch and switch timer designed to enable people with upper extremity disabilities to operate two switch-adapted games, toys or appliances. The unit enables one user to operate two items in sequence.


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