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Kopernika 7a, Krakow, Poland; lp. Purpose : The objective of this study was to analyze the birth methods vaginal, with medical intervention, or by Cesarean Section, CS predominant in the Malopolska province, to describe the risk factors for non-physiologically normal births, and to characterize the demographics of women who give birth and selected parameters of maternity care. Methods : The retrospective analysis was conducted on data collected in — in the framework of the current activity of the Polish National Health Fund and encompassed 68, childbirths from 29 hospitals in 21 towns in the south of Poland.

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If not on late-night television, at least to each other. Here, six women on their post-baby vaginas. What I do remember, though, is what happened at my six-week postpartum appointment.

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Please sign in or sign up for a March of Dimes account to proceed. Your body changes a lot after you give birth. Some changes are physical and others are emotional.

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Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy : your vagina, abdomen, breasts, skin, and hair can all look and feel different during and after pregnancy and birth. Growing an entire human being isn't always easy, and your body will change as a result. Some changes are clearly visible, like that dark line that can show up on your stomach thanks, pregnancy hormones!

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Your health professional can give you information about how different kinds of birth might affect your future ability to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Many women say they feel well after vaginal birth. And women who have vaginal births often feel happier with their overall birth experiences.

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Naturally, after a woman has given birth, her vagina changes. It may feel enlarged or wider. It may also feel sore and even dry.

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Will your perineum the tissue between the vaginal opening and the rectum stretch or tear on its own? Or will your practitioner deem it necessary to do an episiotomy an incision in the perineum to allow the baby to come out that's done fairly rarely these days? And how long will it take for your vagina to heal after delivery?

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The reality: It doesn't snap back into place immediately after delivery. So what actually happens to a vagina after birth? Will it bleed?

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It was at my six-weeks-postpartum appointment that someone in the birth world finally admitted what we all fear to be true: vaginal birth can ruin your vagina, even might ruin it—and, in my case, did. The last straw came when I peed my pants at Coachella this year, unable to make the trek to port-a-pottys across a mile-wide field after a few glasses of white wine. She took now-infamous revenge on her cheating ex, Eddie Cibrian, by charging the procedure to his credit card.

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Scared of getting a tear down there? Let's face it: There are some unsavory parts of childbirth we don't love to talk about. And one of them is an almost-certain consequence of first-time vaginal deliveries : tearing. Are you cringing yet?


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