After thumb surgery

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Thumb arthritis may be surgically treated with a procedure called excision arthroplasty. The term excision means to take out. In this surgery, the surgeon takes out a small bone at the base of the thumb and fills in the space with a rolled up section of tendon.

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Trigger finger is a condition that causes pain, stiffness, and a sensation of locking or catching when you bend and straighten your finger. The flexor tendons are long cord-like structures that attach the muscles of the forearm to the bones of the fingers. When the muscles contract, the flexor tendons allow the fingers to bend.

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Arthritis around the base of the thumb is a very common complaint. This is usually due to normal wear and tear, caused by the demands placed on the thumb during our everyday activities. Arthritis can cause pain, stiffness and deformity in the thumb. The surgery, called a Trapeziectomy, involves removing a small bone one of eight which form the wrist called the trapezium.

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A gruesome error during routine surgery on a broken thumb resulted in a girl having her finger amputated and replaced with her toe. A surgical error resulted in a teenage girl having her thumb amputated and replaced with her toe. A Victorian teenager who was on her way to becoming a professional cricket player had her dreams crushed when a routine surgery went horribly wrong.

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The thumb joint at the base of the thumb is the most mobile in the hand. The thumb can move up and down, in and out, and rotate slightly to touch the fingers. We move our thumbs hundreds of times each day.

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Thumb arthritis may be surgically treated with a fusion procedure. The bones that form the thumb joint are set so they can grow together, or fuse. A fusion keeps the problem joint from moving so that pain is eliminated.

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Four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome has admitted "this is not my year" after suffering a freak injury at home. It comes just months after Froome suffered fractures in three different places after a horrific crash at the Criterium du Dauphine. British rider Froome was not able to compete at this year's Tour in July as he recovered from his accident after crashing into a wall in a warm-up for a stage at the Criterium. He fractured his elbow, right femur and a number of ribs, as well as losing four pints of blood and had to spend more than three weeks in hospital to begin his recovery.

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Thumb arthritis may be surgically treated with a fusion procedure. The bones that form the thumb joint are set so they can grow together, or fuse. After fusing, the joint won't move, and your pain should go away.

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Britney Thomas, 17, fractured her left thumb playing cricket in Victoria, Australia in March, She had surgery at Latrobe Regional Hospital, but rushed back six days later in agony after doctors bungled the operation. Doctors found Britney's thumb had turned black after a tourniquet was left in place and were forced to amputate her thumb, swapping it with her toe.


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